Elder Law

“Elder Law” is the legal practice of counseling and representing older persons and their representatives about the legal aspects of health and long-term care planning.  We can help with surrogate decision-making, older persons’ legal capacities, and the conservation, disposition and administration of an older persons’ estate.   As an individual makes decisions about their future, we can implement their decisions giving due consideration to the tax consequences of the action or the need for a more sophisticated plan.

The elder law attorney is capable of recognizing issues of concern that arise during counseling and representation of the older person with respect to abuse, neglect, or exploitation of the older person.  We can do an overall view of insurance, housing, long-term care, employment, and retirement and provide advice.  The attorney is also familiar with professional and non-legal resources and services publicly and privately available to meet the needs of the older person.

The elder law attorney recognizes the professional conduct and ethical issues that arise during representation.  He will be specific about who his client is.   Though his client may have been brought to the conference by his or her son or daughter, the attorney will specify that he represents the parent and will follow his client’s instructions and do what is in their best interest.