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Why do I need a lawyer?

If you are like most people, you may not have much experience dealing with a lawyer.  To find a lawyer, you probably asked your family or friends to suggest a name.  You may have picked a name from the yellow pages or internet.  You could be wondering if you have made the right choice and what to expect next.

Chances are that you are not sure what you are supposed to do, what is supposed to happen, or how much everything will cost.  It can be tough to develop a good working relationship with a lawyer when you have so many questions and are facing a stressful legal situation.

Lawyers analyze personal, business, and social problems from a legal point of view.  They try to figure out how the law and legal system might be used to solve problems.  Lawyers’ training and experience teach them to study every detail and look at a problem from every angle.

You probably see your situation as black and white–you know what you want and what seems fair.  But there are often reasons for these different approaches, based primarily on the fact that clients and lawyers have different roles to play.

If you are wondering whether you need an attorney, the very best thing you can do is ask one.  Choose one that you feel comfortable with and trust your judgment.

Why should I talk to a legal assistant?

Lawyers depend on a number of people to help them do their work. Our firm depends a great deal on our excellent staff to help them with your case. When you want to know about the progress of your case, documents you have received, your lawyer’s bill, or schedule your next meeting with your lawyer, the lawyer’s staff may be able to answer your questions. They are often available to help you when the attorney is not. You can help keep the costs of your case down by calling one of our assistants first.

While our staff is trained in many areas to help you, our legal assistants are not lawyers and cannot give you legal advice. they will tell you when you must have your question answered by your attorney.

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What is a power of attorney?

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